The mission of Philos

Wealthy families, foundations and companies strive to govern their assets effectively, transfer them harmoniously to the next generation and use them for lasting social impact.

Philos Advisors is the partner that guides families and organizations in realizing personal and philanthropic goals, with a view to future generations and society as a whole. In concrete terms, this means that we advise, inspire and support wealthy families, foundations and companies in the good governance, sustainable management and strategic transfer of assets for the benefit of future generations and society.

In ancient times the Greeks used the word Philos for that which is loved or important and for doing good. Philos also stands for friend or traveling companion.

Working method

  • Personal approach with tailor-made advice, in line with your core values and ambitions.
  • Strategic and results-oriented working method, with a focus on the long term.
  • Engaging and in close collaboration with a broad (inter)national network of specialists and social organizations.